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NM Building Services London
NM Building Services London
Each step along the way we consult with you to ensure that everything is progressing according to your wishes and all planning permissions, building regulations and structural and architectural specifications are being met. You will have direct contact with, as much or as little as you desire, the fitter in charge of your conversion, our manager in charge of quality control and our office staff.

Discussion with planning team – your first point of contact will be with our planning team who will talk to you about your project and show you our gallery of past extensions to help you choose exactly what you want. You may already have some ideas, but we will go through the full range of options to help you decide which type of house extension would best suit your needs.

02. If requested you can be given the contact details of one of our many customers so you can talk to someone who we’ve worked with before.

03. Once you’ve decided on your exact requirements we will go through our order form with you and we will then ask you to discuss the price.

04. Our architects will now visit your site, survey your house and draw up architectural drawings when necessary. The drawings will be completed within two weeks of the order being placed.

The drawings are sent to you and once you are happy with them, you sign off on them and we submit them to the council on your behalf.

06. Once your local council approves the drawings we’re ready to start! Now we will sit down with you and discuss timings to minimise inconvenience.

07. We recommend that you have an informal chat with your neighbours at this time, to notify them of your plans and attempt to pre-empt any problems they may have with your building plans.

This is also the time where you will need to notify your neighbours of any changes to the party wall.

08. We now start delivering materials and equipment to your house and laying down any necessary protective coverings. Our on-site manager will visit the site on a weekly basis to check on progress and to ensure everything is being completed to our usual high standards.

Our manager will do one final check on the completed works before we arrange for any inspections that are needed by councils or private contractors.

10. Congratulations – your new, stylish, house extension is ready to enjoy!